• Leave our sessions renewed and re-energized

    If you feel like your relationship has become stagnant, getting to know each other again is one way to revitalize your relationship. Rememer who you were and who you've become.

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    Imagine having a crystal clear vision of who you are

    Psychotherapy is discovering yourself and your limitations. When you do that self-discovery, you get to know who you are and learn the tools you need to have a fulfilling life.

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    Obstacles will come, but you don't have to face them alone!

    This is where happiness begins, but doing this by yourself can be frustrating, lonely and you may not see what is not working for you because you feel anxious or afraid.

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  • Let us help you with...

    ...finding the solutions to the problems that life brings.  Just because you may feel alone, doesn't mean that you have to figure things out by yourself.  If you are ready to begin transforming your life, let Serendipity help you find the answers you didn't know you were looking for...

  • Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and Bipolar diagnoses are common but difficult mental health issues to understand or manage.  Serendipity helps with learning the skills needed to manage your diagnosis and will work with you, your psychiatrist and your family to provide the education and tools needed to find your new normal.

  • At Serendipity we help you find solutions to everyday problems such as career planning, goal setting, interpersonal relationships, communication issues, grief and loss, conflict resolutions skills, divorce recovery and self-esteem to name a few.  Counseling services are provided to assist with finding solutions to short term barriers to your daily living.

  • Group Sessions are offered to provided support, empowerment, education and information.  Current groups include the Serendipity Sister Circle, SerendipiTeen Sisters and Men of Serendipity.

  • Serendipity offers workshops and training seminars on a variety of mental health, behavioral health and organizational systems issues.  For more information on how Serendipity can help your group or organization, contact us at info@serendipitycounselingllc.com.

  • Shari N Warner, JD, LMFT and Serendipity Counseling and Consulting, LLC are available for speaking engagements for your next event.