• Serendipity (n) - Finding something good without looking for it. 

    As women, there is the general idea and expectation that you are and must remain fierce and strong.  That despite the obstacles that you face, you must still get up, take care of the kids, the spouse, the house, the boss, the office, the parents, the siblings, the WORLD!  But who takes care of YOU?  What happens when you're struggling with feelings of doubt, sadness or anger?  Who do you turn to then you're feeling confused, unsure, unloved or unwanted?  What do you do when your anxiety become too overwhelming or your depression keeps you paralyzed?  You call Serendipity Counseling and Consulting, LLC.

    At Serendipity, we provide a nontoxic and judgement free environment where you can begin to explore the uncomfortable and self-defeating thoughts and emotions that keep you feeling stuck.  In our sessions, we take the time to explore, at a pact the is comfortable for you, the elements of your past that have reinforced the negative beliefs that you have developed about yourself. We will then work collaboratively to replace those negative beliefs with more positive beliefs in support of the healthy transformation you are making in your life.

  • Serendipity was borne out of the need to specifically address the issues that women face in their personal and professional relationships.  Years of working with women struggling with substance abuse has highlighted the various issues, such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment issues, etc., that triggered or justified women's use of substances as a means of coping with life.  This experience also made us consider those women who do not use substances but are still struggling just to maintain their daily existence.  How can we help them.

    Our work also addresses relationship issues through couples counseling/marital therapy where we maintain an objective and impartial stance as we assist couples to understand themselves, their relationship and find ways to bring their relationship to a healthy place.

  • Shari N. Warner, JD, LMFT

  • Becoming a marriage and family therapist was a natural progression my quest to be of help to others.  During my time as an attorney, I most enjoyed the time that I spent helping my clients find solutions to the personal problems that they were struggling with related to their legal issues.  It made me question how I can be more helpful to those whom I serve while living my passion and purpose.  I've found that as a marriage and family therapist, even when working with a single individual, the change that I help to bring about in your life ripples out to those in your circle and changes your life and relationships for the better.
    If you are here, then hopefully this means that you are ready to take the next step in transforming your life.  I am here, ready and waiting, to help you on that journey.  Contact us now to schedule your consultation and appointment!

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