• Serendipity (n) - Finding something good without looking for it. 

    Serendipity Counseling and Consulting, LLC was founded on the observation that many times our clients seek help based on what they believe the problem to be, only to find answers to questions they never knew they had.  Whether you are struggling with diagnosed mental health issues or daily challenges to your life, our Serendipity team utilizes their knowledge, experience and compassion to help you find your way.

  • Serendipity offers individual, couples and family therapy/counseling.  We also facilitate groups for different populations, offer workshops, trainings and seminars and engage in public speaking.  Our team is made of talented individuals who are dedicated to helping you.  You can read more about our team members below and how they use a combination of education and life experience to help those we serve.  If you are open to finding the good that life has to offer, we’re here to help.  If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, Serendipity is for you…call us today!

  • Shari N. Warner, JD, LMFT

  • “Shari honed her analytic abilities while practicing law. Her empathy and passion for helping others stem from a generous and loving heart. This powerful combination provides clients with positive problem-solving skills, calm, steady support –– and a healthy dose of hope.” I use my years of experience as a transactional and litigation attorney, handling sensitive and confidential information as I assisted my clients in navigating the legal system, to help you navigate your life.  I understand that life is full of obstacles and that sometimes you just need some guidance to help you move out of the rut that you have found yourself in.  Whether it is handling life’s transitions (marriages, death, job changes, relocation, ending or beginning a relationship), struggles with communication, learning how to trust again, dealing with addiction in the family or building a better relationship, sometimes having an unbiased and objective point view can make all the difference. I approach issues from a strength based perspective.  Meaning, I look at how you’ve been able to handle other issues in your life and still move forward.  I also help you to develop new skills to help manage anger, frustration, anxiety and other emotions so that you do not become overwhelmed. If you believe that this is what you need and that I can help you, give me a call at 754-999-0716.  I’m looking forward to talking with you…