• DCF Approved Co-Parenting Classes

    Serendipity Counseling and Consulting, LLC now offers DCF Approved Co-Parenting Classes, Children In Between (c).  We offer two types of classes:  In-person and Online...

    • In-person Classes:  In-person classes with other divorcing parents creates a space for building support, open communication and interactive question and answer about parenting after divorce.  You may pre-register and pay using PayPal.
    • Online Classes are available for those of you who won't be able to attend an in-person class because of your schedule.  Click here to register for our online class at parentscaringflorida.com.
  • Workshops and Trainings

    Workshops and trainings are offered collaboratively with colleagues and will focus on a variety of topics including:

    • Conflict Resolution (in relationships and in business)
    • Divorce and Mental Health
    • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Seminars

    Seminar topics can be developed to address issues of daily living or tailored to focus on your particular event.  Topics may focus on

    • Coping with Stressful Situations
    • Weathering Change in Difficult Times
    • Managing Life Transitions
    • Assertiveness Training
    • Effective Communication Skills

    Topics can be modified to address young adults as well as Baby Boomers.